Native plant restoration


Nisenan Tribe, Sierra Foothills - California

Sacred Lands, Native Hands (SLNH) is in support of the Nevada County Rancheria Nisenan Tribe and California Heritage Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP) to rehabilitate lands in the Sierra Foothills and restore native plants to their rightful place amongst the ancestral caretakers of this land and their traditional ecological knowledge. 


The Nisenan have made their home in the Sierra Nevada foothills for thousands of years. Prior to European contact, an estimated 11,000 people lived in villages that spanned the Bear and Yuba River watersheds. In 1848, gold was discovered in Nisenan territory and the Native Nisenan population was decimated by disease, murder, and starvation. However, Tribal members survived this genocide and continue to thrive on this land today. 


Recently, the Nisenan Tribe was gifted 32-acres in Nevada County to continue their ancient practices of environmental stewardship and spiritual ceremony. In addition, a community of volunteers has been working to rehabilitate the properties occupied by elder Nisenan Tribal members in the Grass Valley area. To support the decolonization efforts of land in and around Nevada County, SLNH is supporting Native Plant Restoration Projects on these properties to restore both medicinal and common plants to the hands of original peoples.