Decolonize | Rebuild Relations | Co-Create Resilient Communities 

For over 10,000 years, planetary ecosystems maintained a delicate balance through stewardship by indigenous people. The knowledge of how to maintain this balance was cultivated through observation and practice, and was passed down through generations. Now, after hundreds of years of colonization and improper agricultural practices, the land has been devastated and almost depleted of its resources. There is a direct connection between the lack of application of traditional ecological knowledge and the depletion of biodiversity; decrease in water and air quality; and degradation of the health of many planetary ecosystems.

Global cultural diversity has also dwindled as a slow and steady westernization has swept across this planet. Many cultures and civilizations have already been lost to colonization, and their traditions and wisdom have been lost forever. Over hundreds of years countless indigenous people have lost their lives defending their harmonic way of living. Fortunately, there are still ancient civilizations, cultures, tribes, and philosophies that have survived, and some that have even remained intact. It is our responsibility to preserve these ways of being before they too, are lost. 


Sacred Lands, Native Hands creates a bridge between the holders of indigenous knowledge and modern ways of being to return the wisdom of stewardship to its proper place: the forests, grasslands, and living water bodies of our planet. We bring together teachers and students to share information across cultural boundaries and cultivate a dynamic of respect for all traditions. 


Through remembrance and application of traditional ecological knowledge our planetary ecosystems can be rebalanced and regenerated. We are all connected through earth, water, and air. Therefore, it is our responsibility to carefully and consciously maintain the ecological health of all sacred lands in order to uplift the wellbeing of the collective.